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Information on Cooperation
In order to improve communication efficiency and quality, before the first visit please carefully read the following:
Principles of Good Faith
  1. Individual HuaRay employees and their friends and relatives are not to be provided with cash, securities, non-corporate standard gifts, leisure or tourism or high-cost banquets and other entertainment activities or accept token payments for provision of property, home renovations or any other personal benefits. Reimbursements are for expenses incurred by the individual themselves.
  2. Do not engage in any non-official lending, leasing, investment or any other activities that are not directly related to official business with the individual employees of HuaRay and their relatives and friends.
  3. Do not arrange paid work for HuaRay employees and their relatives and friends; if individual HuaRay employees and their relatives and friends hold shares in your company, please promptly inform HuaRay.
  4. Do not engage in any behavior that may cause harm to the interests or image of HuaRay.
  5. Faithfully execute various sales/purchases and transactions, including but not limited to material procurement, commissioned processing, equipment transfer, waste disposal, customs declaration for shipments and other outsourced dealings and transactions.
  6. Offering bribes to employees is strictly forbidden. If any violation of the relevant rules and regulations requires HuaRay to bear corresponding liability, HuaRay may take measures including but not limited to placing the violator on HuaRay’s blacklist and they will no longer be included as a supplier.
  7. Suppliers must sign a “nondisclosure agreement” prior to substantive communication on cooperation/development work. No material communication or transfer of documents or information will be made prior to the signing of the agreement.
  8. Reporting Corruption:
If any HuaRay employees or their friends and relatives seek to obtain personal benefits from your company, please promptly inform HuaRay:
Report Hotline: +86-571-87235766
Thank you to our suppliers for your trust and support!
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