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Intelligent Carriage Number Identification System
Chinese railway system is becoming faster, heavier load and with more carriages marshalling together. More and more safety and security requirements are needed. It is very important to ensure that the passenger train or freight train will be in the absolute safety and security condition on their way.
Huaray Intelligent Carriage Imaging and Carriage Identification System is based on HD line scan imaging system, which can meet the requirements of railway safety detection. This system was widely used in dynamic image vehicle faults detection for TVDS passenger trains, TEDS High-speed train dynamic vehicle faults detection for TEDS High-speed train and vehicle status detection for freight train etc. The workload for carriage recognition and number identification has been sharply reduced by using the intelligent algorithms, meanwhile with high accuracy.
System Structure
System Features
High Scan Speed:adopts high-speed line scan camera, which can support maximum 100km/h train speed.
High anti-interference capability: uses high-power infrared laser which keeps the image quality consistent whether day or night.
Easy to install and maintain: integrated design for plug and play.
Intelligent Train Identification: Recognize the carriage and identify carriage number accurately with high identification rate by using the intelligent algorithms.

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