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Logistics Visual Tracking Management System
Everyday thousands of packages will be handled in one sorting center. In order to find the solution for losses or damage of the package or low sorting efficiency,   Huaray was developing visual code reading system for several years. This system can improve work efficiency and to realize the automatic sorting process and balance the workload to workers. The controller can retrieve the docking video based on the real-time monitoring according to corresponding barcode. The management platform will analyze the uploaded data and evaluate the workload for sorters in real-time.

System Structure
System features

Transparent (Origin Tracing):
  • Monitor and control the dock area and the code scanning process in real-time and realize tracking & tracing.
  • Improve the employee performance in the dock area.
  • Prevent from non-standard operations and improve the performance indicators for employee.
  • Improve the relations with customer and reduce misunderstanding.

Effective (Yield Twice The Result With Half The Effort):
  • Barcode Scan efficiency: Manual 30 pcs/min,visual reading: 150pcs/min, fivefold efficiency;
  • Classify the goods according to requirements and utilize the storage capacity of racks;
  • Establish the process flow system and improve the logistics chain systematically and standardly.

Creative (Great Thing Is Always Simple):
  • Wisdom is embodied in time saving, labor saving and worry saving under the background of the certain industry. 
  • Enrich the workforce management methods, as Chinese old saying goes “Discard The Dross And Select The Essence”.
  • Big data integration for better understanding the process of employees, vehicles and packages.

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