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The sales of “Double 11” exceed 200 billion in 2016
Express delivery industry well organised because of it
Double 11 Sales Great Up to  24:00pm, November 11, 2016, the total sales of e-commerce breach 200 billion. Among them,The turnover of Tmall reach 120 billion 700 million yuan, increase 32 percent from one year earlier; the quantities of orders in Joybuy breach 32 million single, increase 130 percent from one year earlier, turnover grew 59%;the quantities of orders on suning.com  increase 210% during"Double 11" .
Express Delivery Industry Well Organised Consumption upgrade, however,it was unlike the logistics industry to be well organised this yearin.You might be furious, what magic do support? Let us into the behind double 11 and the "wisdom" of the logistics.
It explains the matter  To promote Double 11, HuaRay Technology launched a smart reading code weighing equipment, which was used widely in major logistics companies.

Huaray Technology Producted
Explore the truth Intelligent sorting 
Product overview
 HuaRay Technology intelligent reading code weighing equipment, consist of the equipment operating platform, visual system hardware,visual system software, electronic weighing system and other modules. The vision system hardware is responsible for obtaining barcode information, electronic weighing system is responsible for obtaining the weight information, the visual system software is responsible for the fusion of code information and weight information, which will be rendered on the display interface.And it also responsible for the relevant information uploaded to the management platform and saved to the server.

Advantage analysis
Scan weighing equipment,what HuaRay Technology launched, adopt a new integrated equipment that can intelligent read code, weighing and sorting,for different sizes of packages from the logistics industry. Differentiated products HuaRay Technology launched,it has a very obvious advantage on operating convenience, speed, accurate weighing, scan code and system stability, .

Handle Convenient
The intelligent scan code weighing equipment ,which HuaRay Technology launched, changes operation mode of traditional barcode scanner in the logistics industry, enhance the operators‘s efficiency greatly.
Scan  Quickly
After testing,the intelligent reading code weighing equipment producted by HuaRay Technology, the speed of a single device scan code up to 4000 / hour, twice faster than the traditional way.

Weighing  Acurate
 In the use of  weighing code reading process that from HuaRay Technical equipment, The package can get package weight through the Weighing platform, and the data will be upload to display and the backend server Synchronous, to eliminate the interference to the weight from human factors by means of technology.The weighing result is very accurate, all wrapped error can be controlled within 10g

System Stable
The equipment ,which is launched by HuaRay Technology this time, adopts industrial industrial control system, ensure the stability of the product from the source.

HuaRay Technology will continue to launch new products
Promote industry 4.0 "Intelligent" logisticss
HuaRay Technology will continue to launch more excellent products, continue to promote the industry 4.0 "Intelligent" logisticss
My friends ,who worry about courier slow and hesitant before
"Double 12”, you can start assured!

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