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Messe Stuttgart grand opening
In Stuttgart, the biennial VISION 2016 Messe Stuttgart will be a grand opening soon.As one of the most important international exhibitionin in  the machine visiona and recognition technology industry, exhibitors ,from around the world, show their latest scientific and technological 
innovation achievement in this international exhibition.
HuaRay Technology booth

Messe Stuttgart一The first show of HuaRay Technology
Show the most cutting-edge technology,Chinese-made do by rights.

HuaRay Technology, an outstanding supplier of the core components used in machine vision, get the largest booth(No.1B32,8*9m) among Chinese manufacturers in this exhibition. In the exhibition, HuaRay Technology bring all products of it's subsidiary, and show the most cutting-edge technology in machine vision industry. During the exhibition,Many HuaRay Technology staff,under the leadership of zhang Xingming who is the general manager of Huaray Technology,make detail paraphrase to the visitors of all social circles and the media, and get highly regarded from the visitors.
No.1B32 gained spotlight
Find the truth from the scene,come with me

HuaRay Technology drew in a large crowd by the excellent product quality, Chinese characteristics booth design,and all-round product display programme.So the booth of HuaRay Technology gained spotligght and became one of the most popular areas of the this exhibition.

See the things
The booth, sounds of voices and commotion
huge crowds of people
Exhibition scene, visitors were fascinated by HuaRay Technology exploitation film
4:00pm in German, many visitors already left,but HuaRay Technology booth was still lot of people around.

Exhibition scene,there's a lot of people around HuaRay Technology static booth
At a glance,the pictures were easy to see.HuaRay Technology staff make detail paraphrase to the visitors.

HuaRay Technology staffs make explain on the spot.

Professional team

You can know more from product manual

Capable HuaRay Technology staff

Technicians exert their capability
Industrial camera manufacturers,from German good old, visit HuaRay Technology booth many times.
Welcome to HuaRay Technology Booth.

HuaRay Technology get highly regarded

HuaRay Technology products gained highly received from the visitors, and they expressed the coincides of cooperation with HuaRay Technology after visiting the Huaray Technology booth.
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