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Intelligence makes future happen
HuaRay won Logistics Technology Innovation Award 2018


Widely known LT Summit 2018 was held on the March 21st~22nd in capital of China-Beijing, With the topic of ” Intelligence makes future happen”. HuaRay technology was invited by the summit to communicate leading-edge logistics innovation and technology information, and explore logistics industry development course with famous domestic or overseas enterprises, logistics experts and experienced users.

HuaRay won 2018LT innovation award

In the subsequent Awarding stage, HuaRay DWS got unanimous approval from all of the juries by its highly-accurate parameters measuring, excellent code recognizing, and system performance, cheerfully granted LT innovation award 2018. DWS is an integrated smart logistics system which supports dynamic code reading, weighing, volume measuring and high speed of result output. Because of requirements of faster, more accurate, and more cost-efficient, logistics industry would be more competitive in a much more fierce competition with the help of DWS.

What is China LT Award?

Logistics Technology Award is also called as China LT award, and represents the top significant influence in logistics technology domain in China. LT is also praised as China Logistics Oscar. Consisting of famous experts, highly experienced users from various groups and enterprises, in the principal of “fair, justice, transparent, public spirit”, juries declared that HuaRay should be awarded by this honor after a series of strictly investigation.

HuaRay Technology won 2018LT innovation award


“AI+logistics” shows smart logistics


Rapid developing smart logistics

With the continuously development of new technology, IoT, big data, and machine vision have been applied in the logistics industry. At the same time, active propelling financial-support policies from China government makes new breakthrough and new developments spring up continuously. HuaRay knows logistics has become the pillar industries which represents the most important infrastructure of China national economy. “Smart logistics” complies with the history trend. As an industry–leading core component supplier of machine vision, we are deploying and upgrading our smart supply chain with an effort to create a brand-new “AI+logistics” and boost healthy development of logistics industry.
HuaRay technology has inherited Dahua video technology and experience accumulated over 10 years. This LT innovation award is not only an approval from juries, but also a proof that HuaRay has always been loyal to the trust of customers.
We promise, we provide and are going to keep providing products with extraordinary quality, and create value for our customers continuously. Now our machine vision products have been used in logistics system of extensive different industries and have received vast approval from customers.

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