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Innovative Smart Camera Based on Myriad 2 Vision Processing Platform is Officially Released for Industrial Machine Vision Applications. HuaRay Technology and Movidius open a new chapter on industrial vision together

November 8th, VISION 2016 International Machine Vision Exhibition Stuttgart, Germany: HuaRay Technology, the machine vision subsidiary of Dahua which is one of the top 3 world-leading video surveillance companies, officially announced the latest 5000 Series Smart Camera based on Myriad2 platform from the world-renowned computer vision company Movidius.
Movidius is a leading global company in the field of deep learning and machine intelligence. The company is dedicated to developing high performance vision processing chips that can run a combination of both traditional machine vision algorithms alongside deep neural networks at high speed. In September Intel announced plans to acquire Movidius. The latest Myriad 2 Vision Processor performs several features including computational imaging and image signal processing at extremely low power consumption. This chip has been widely applied in various products such as Google’s Project Tango phone, DJI drones and FLIR thermal imaging cameras. HuaRay’s announcement also marks the first official machine vision application of Myriad 2 that is in mass production with the 5000 Series Smart Camera.

The 5000 Series Smart Camera features compatible algorithms such as barcode reading, vision localization, template matching, measurement, and OCR (all with independent intellectual property rights). The 5000 Series can be widely used in all kinds of industrial application environments. The advanced Movidius Myriad 2 processor not only significantly improves the computing performance of the product, but also tremendously reduces power consumption. Outstanding image quality of the camera is ensured by inheriting the excellent ISP technology which has accumulated over decades from experience in Dahua’s video surveillance domain.  Over thousands of world-class reliability lab tests and hundreds of professional equipment tests ensures the great reliability of camera.
Movidius CEO Remi El-Ouazzane said: “Machine vision is a burgeoning industry and it has seen rapid growth in China and other regions over the past two years. We provide a best-in-class chip which has combined wonderfully with HuaRay’s abundant experience and strong capability of innovation. Their track record of technology and innovation leads me to believe that they will continue to release leading smart camera products in machine vision area.” Vice president of Dahua technology and General Manager of HuaRay technology Mr. Zhang Xingming also said: “When it comes to machine vision, we are willing to continuously provide technical innovation and develop high quality products. Also, we will focus on committing our efforts to this industry for achieving the final goal of China Manufacture 2025 and Industry 4.0.”
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